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Student Scholarships

Our scholarship program connects deaf children with the opportunity to attend one of the few deaf schools in the country.  These comprehensive scholarships cover all costs associated with attendance, including tuition, room and board, and uniform expenses, which would otherwise be nearly impossible for most families to meet without assistance.  Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis and are open to renewal.

A scholarship may be awarded to a family that demonstrates limited economic resources for a deaf child to attend the Hogar Escuela (Residential School) in Ciudad Darío or the Escuela Cristiana de Sordos (The Christian School) in Managua. The scholarships include registration, tuition, and room and board. The family must pay for the notebooks and uniforms of the child. The family must participate in a trial period to make sure that the child is a good fit for the educational setting.

The primary caregiver of the child who will receive a scholarship must participate in sign language courses.

Travel allowances are provided in rural areas where individuals come to Saturday classes, depending on the need of the family.



Massiel is a 13 year-old deaf girl in Nicaragua who just this year began going to school. Now she is learning language so she can communicate with her friends and family and also learn about the world. She has been flourishing at the Hogar Escuela this year, and now it is time to make sure that she can continue her educational and developmental journey in 2015.

She has a brother Bernardo who is 4 1/2 years old and also deaf, so supporting her language learning will benefit him and their whole family.

Without this scholarship support, Massiel will return to her rural home, 3 hours from the nearest town. She will not be able to participate in education and she will not continue to develop the language skills that are the key to becoming an independent and successful adult.